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SharePoint Migration of Publishing Content Types

When you migrate your Publishing Content Types from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 you have to do some changes to you xml definition. There are two new attributes to consider when creating or migrating Content Types:
InheritsOverwrite The Inherits attribute When you p.e. migrate a custom "publishing content type" that derives from the default page content type you must use the inherits attribute to display your custom fields.

Now take a look what msdn says:

Optional Boolean. The value of this attribute determines whether the content type inherits fields from its parent content type when it is created.

If Inherits is TRUE, the child content type inherits all fields that are in the parent, including fields that users have added.

If Inherits is FALSE or absent and the parent content type is a built-in type, the child content type inherits only the fields that were in the parent content type when SharePoint Foundation was installed. The child content type does not have any fie…