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Remove-SPManagedAccount is not working or you can't remove Managed Accounts from GUI

The Problem I had to change the farm administrator because the IT decided not to use a single account as local admin anymore.

So I changed the farm account with powershell and adapted all the services. The only think was that I had forgot to delete the account from the managed accounts list.

Weeks passed and I stumbled over the account in the managed accounts list. When I tried to open the link "Security" -> "Configure managed accounts" I got an exception.

The error was obvious. The account which was deleted from the AD could not be resolved.

1.Try I created the user again in the AD. After that the error in UI disappeared but when I tried to deleted the managed account from the list, I got following error.

2. Try It seemed that there some services still reference this account.

The first thing was to check the IIS Application Pool accounts. Then I checked twice the settings in the CA "Security" -> "Configure Service Accounts" section.

The …

SharePoint 2010 Search Web Service returns "Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation"

Turns out that the search service has problems when anonymous authetication is on. I have a custom tool to test my search, that connects to the search service and performs queries. Every time I tried to query the service I got this error.

I could not easily disable anonymous authetication on my server because we used it for some sites.

This article helped me to find a solution: The SharePoint Search Service and Anonymous Access (Trinkit Blog)