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TFS - ItemNotFoundException on Reporting Server while creating new Team Projects

I had do deal with a problem while creating new Team Projects with Visual Studio 2010. The error message was that an an the item /Tfs2010OlapReportDS was not found.

It seemed that the reports for tfs could not be uploaded due a permission problem. After hours of searching and reinstalling I found the fix for the problem.

The fix was really easy.
Go to your team foundation server Open the administration console. Click on ReportingClick on EditClick on Reports TabEnter the credential for the ReportsSaveClick on Start Jobs

The whole exception message :

TF30162: Task "Populate Reports" from Group "Reporting" failed Exception Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.PcwException Exception Message: The Project Creation Wizard encountered an error while creating reports to the SQL Server Reporting Services on http://tfs/ReportServer/ReportService2005.asmx. Exception Details: The Project Creation Wizard encountered a problem while creating reports on the SQL Server Reporting Se…

Using SharePoint Metadata Navigation in Enterprise Wikis

I thought it would be great to use the WikiCategories field in each Enterprise Wiki Page as navigation. This works relatively easy. SharePoint 2010 offers the new metadata navigation mechanism. We'll us it to create the page.

1. Goal
2. Create Enterprise Wiki Site I had a Team Site and I wanted to create an "Enterprise Wiki" subsite. To use the Wiki site template you must first activate the "Publishing Infrastructure" Feature in your sitecollection features.

The create a new subsite with the "Enterprise Wiki" template.

3. Adapt MetaData FieldClick on "Site Actions" menu on the wiki pageClick on pagesClick on Library in the Ribbon bar
Click on "Library Settings"Click on "Wiki Category" field
Adapt the field with the tags you want. The meta tags must be configured in the central admin within the metadata service.

4. Activate Metadata Feature Go to your newly create Wiki site.

Click on "Site Actions" menuClick on &qu…