Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Access Denied" when editing a page as site owner

I am in the site owners group and have full permissions. But when I try to edit a page an access denied error occures. I can checkin and checkout but cannot edit the page. If I put me into the site collection admin group, the page can be edited.

This happened to me today and it took me 2 hours to find the problem. I was aware that the problem was not that I have not the correct rights, in fact I assumed that there is something in the page that was not published or something I don't have the rights to edit.

Following could be possible:

  1. I have a WebPart on the page, that tries to read an item or site to which I don't have access.
  2. I have a link on the page to an unpublished item
  3. I have problems with an unpublished page layout
  4. Problems with the master page
  • Point 1 was not the issue, because I didn't has custom or any webparts.
  • Point 2 was also not the problem. I took everything out of the page, but the problem still occured
  • Point 3 was also not the reason for the error. I checked the layouts gallery
  • Point 4 was also not the problem. The masterpage was o.k. But then I checked the library permissions for the masterpage gallery list. The permissions were broken. I adjusted the permissions and la voila the page could be edited.