"Access Denied" when editing a page as site owner

I am in the site owners group and have full permissions. But when I try to edit a page an access denied error occures. I can checkin and checkout but cannot edit the page. If I put me into the site collection admin group, the page can be edited.

This happened to me today and it took me 2 hours to find the problem. I was aware that the problem was not that I have not the correct rights, in fact I assumed that there is something in the page that was not published or something I don't have the rights to edit.

Following could be possible:

  1. I have a WebPart on the page, that tries to read an item or site to which I don't have access.
  2. I have a link on the page to an unpublished item
  3. I have problems with an unpublished page layout
  4. Problems with the master page
  • Point 1 was not the issue, because I didn't has custom or any webparts.
  • Point 2 was also not the problem. I took everything out of the page, but the problem still occured
  • Point 3 was also not the reason for the error. I checked the layouts gallery
  • Point 4 was also not the problem. The masterpage was o.k. But then I checked the library permissions for the masterpage gallery list. The permissions were broken. I adjusted the permissions and la voila the page could be edited.


Keyur Parikh said…
Many Thanks. I have spent whole day figuring out problem with access denied error and finally your blog help me to resolve issue.
Keyur Parikh said…
Thanks a lot. I have spent whole day checking all permission, publishing all item and still no success. Finally your blog help me to track error in master page library.
Anonymous said…
Thank you - I had 3 sitecollections where noone had permissions on the master Page Gallery. Giveing the read permission level to group "style resource readers" solved the problem.
Rahul Gupta said…
Thanks for the post, while I was thinking of permission problem on page, but didn't thought of master page would also be concern area. Once again Thanks. Regards, Rahul Gupta...
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for this post. Amazing, perfect, succinct and effective.

John C
Anonymous said…
Appreciate your patience in blogging and also sharing the knowledge!!!
Sofya Narinsky said…
This saved me a lot of time and nerves, thanks for the post, super useful!

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