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SharePoint Alternate Access Mapping (AAM) for Dummies

I've never really understood Alternate Access Mapping called AAM. But when I started to use UAG and the SharePlus App it was necessary to understand the concept of AAM better.

I will not talk about how to configure AAM or the bindings in the IIS. There are lots of stuff out there. I want you to undestand the concept.

So I want to tell you how I made me understand AAM. There are three features of  AAM
Internal URLPublic URLZoneThe internal URL is the URL that the SharePoint Server understands & acceptsThe public URL is the URL that the clients outside in the world knowsA Zone is a logical container for a public URL with a name like "Interner" or "Extranet". It does nothing really special. You have 5 zones in SharePoint, means a max. of 5 public urls.
Explain AAM with some analogies
My name is Ihsan Baris. So when someone calls me "Baris" or "Ihsan" I'll respond to him. Some friends and my brother are calling me also "Biggy".…