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SharePoint Datasheet View - The selected cells are readonly

This happens because:
The field is a read-only fieldThe view has folder-content typesYou installed Office 2007 SP3
For the first issue you can use the tool "SharePoint Manage". Drill down to the field and change the property "ReadOnlyField"

For the second issue modify/create your list view and select in the Folder section "Show all items without folder"

The Solution for the third issue is to change the field type from Enhanced rich text (Rich text with pictures, tables, and hyperlinks) to Rich text (Bold, italics, text alignment).

There seems to be also a fix from Microsoft

SharePoint Enterprise Content Types and Contenty Type Hubs

With Content Type Hubs in SharePoint 2010 you can now easily distrubute your content types over all webapplications and sitecollections. Now you can define a single sitecollection in which you manage your content types. All other sitecollections can consume from this site.

1. Create Content Type Hub
Before you can use Enterprise Content Types you have to define a Content Type Hub. The Content Type Hub is a single arbitrary sitecollection. The probably best way is to create a new sitecollection with the blank site template for this purpose.

2. Configure Service
After you have created the sitecollection you have to tell the service where to consume the content types. The service which manages the enterprise content types is the "Managed Metadata Service". If you dont't have this service, you have to create it first. If the service already exists follow these steps:
Go to central administration Application ManagementService Application - Manage service applicationsClick on t…