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SharePoint 2013 Installation Endless Reboot Loop

For the last SharePoint 2013 Installation I used the AutoSPInstaller. After putting all required files into the PrerequisiteInstallerFiles folder and starting the Installation the .Net 4.5 Framework installed continuously and rebooted the server.

After some digging I found out that SharePoint requires .Net 4.5 Version 4.5.50709 but I had a lower version installed.

You can see the installed version number in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full

Just download the newest .Net 4.5 installer here and install it manually or put the offline installer into the PrerequisiteInstallerFiles folder.

Lync and the "Cannot Generate SSPI Context" error

If you have this error, it is probable a Kerberos issue. Try to set the SPN of you SQL Service Account.

Find out which user runs the SQL Service on your database server.Find out the port (Standard 1433)FQDN of the database serverUse SetSpn -a MSSQLSvc/
"Cannot Generate SSPI Context" error message, Poisoned DNS on MSDN

SharePoint PowerShell: Delete all list items in one line

Short & handy

(Get-SPWeb http://yoursite).Lists["Listname"].Items | % { $_.ParentList.GetItemById($_.ID).Delete() }