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MatchPoint - Configuration of Tag-Icons

Each Tag in MatchPoint can have its own icon. The configuration of the icons can be found in the MatchPoint Administration sitecollection, which hosts the MatchPoint instance.

The icons for the tags must be located in the images subfolder of 14hive folder in each web frontend server. The easiest way to open the images folder is to paste the following command line into the explorer bar:
"%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\microsoft shared\web server extensions\14\Template\Images"
The images will not be resized so if you create your own images please ensure that they have the right format,
16x16 I think. Within the images folder you can create your own subfolder structure for your images.

As an example we have the following Tag structure. Sprache (Language) is a toplevel tag. It has 3 other child tags : German (Deutsch), French (Französisch) and Italian (Italienisch).

After you've copied all images to the images folder, you need to create a mapping between the tags and the images. There…