Drill Down with the SharePoint Chart WebPart

There is a new webpart in SP 2010, the chart webpart, which is very impressing. You can connect it to SharePoint List and WebParts.

Today I wanted to drill down the pages when I click an element of the webpart. It seems that Microsoft bought this webpart from Dundas, so you have to look the syntax there


Follow the steps:

Step I

Step II
In step 3 click "next" also in step 4.

In step 5 click on the "Hyperlinks and Tooltips" tab. Enter following Url to the fiels:


whereas #LABEL is a keyword mentioned in the support links above


Anonymous said…
I have been looking for this for 2 weeks, virtually given up hope. Thank you for posting this. Very helpful. it works!

One typo in the parameter Filterfield1= .. second f should be caps like

Thank you again!
Anonymous said…
You should also take a look at the Nevron Chart web part, it provides much more flexibility and options.
Here is a nice topic how to create a drill down chart in SharePoint: Interactive drill-down chart in SharePoint
Blogger said…
thank you boss...its working :)
Anonymous said…
The Kettic Chart control is able to create drill down chart in C#.NET flexibly.

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