Get Username in Nintex Workflow 2010

If you select a user list field to be displayed in Nintex E-Mails you usually get the user login, like "domain/cmasters". If you want to display the full name of a user, you can use the "Search User Profile" Action in the "Integration" tab.
Search User Profile

When you configure the action, you can select the user list field from the item to be saved in a text variable. You can also select which profile property to read and to be saved in the variable.

Configure Action

Now you can use the variable in all other actions.


Manvir said…
I dont see any 'Search user profile' action under 'Integration' tab. Did you installed anything else?
Baris Bikmaz said…
Then you have the Standard Licence. Check your licence in the Central Admin -> Nintex Workflow Management -> Licencing. You got this Option with the enterprise licence I think.
Vaqar Hyder said…
Hello Baris,
I was wondering, is there any way to get the current logged in user in Nintex workflow?
May be I am overlooking some action since it seems like a basic feature.
BTW I tried seting variable with [ME] but it does not work.
I would really appreciate if you comment.

Baris Bikmaz said…
Hi Hyder,
I'm confused. Normally a workflow is started by an event from a user. He is called the initiator (you can find him in the Workflow list). For what do you exactly need the current user ?

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