SharePoint 2010 Search Wrong Sort Order by Title

We newly realized that the SharePoint Search has a strage effect when you sort the results by title. We have a custom java application, which uses the SharePoint search web service to query  and display search result from a non SharePoint Site.

When we order the search by title with the expression "Order by" either in keyword or sql syntax  we have results like that:

  • a
  • aa
  • aaa
  • b
  • ba
  • bc
  • bd
  • tt
  • z
  • ac  ' Search starts new order
  • ad
  • cd
  • fg

The first 50 results are ordered, than the next 50 and so on. After digging a while and contacting the MS support we found out that this is a SharePoint bug with multiple indexes.

If you have multiple indexes in your search application you'll get this result.


The MS Support said that the bugfix we'll be delivered with the CU April 2012. Another result is to create a second search service application with one index. Than you can assign this service to a custom webapplication which you can create specially for search and use the webservice with the new webapplication.


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