Colorful SharePoint Calender

Never knew that you can combine multiple calenders in SharePoint 2010 to a single calender view. The function is called overlaying. Moreover you can define a color for each view, all OOB. I found this great post how you can colorize your SharePoint calender:

One drawback, which happened to me after overlaying was that the overlayed calender items could not be opened in the new SP 2010 Dialog style but only as new browser window.

Tip: If you have embeded the calender as webpart somewhere in your site, you have to actualize the view in the WebPart settings to view the colored calender.


David Lozzi said…
I'm glad you liked the post! I didn't notice this little quirk with calendar overlays. This appears to be a "bug" in SharePoint, not having to do with the calendar overlay. I'm guessing it's a result of the overlay could go to any list in the site, making the modal more difficult to manage.
Baris Bikmaz said…
I also think that it is a "bug" or a problem with the rendering XSLT. Unfortunately this makes it not really usuable for end users I think.
David Lozzi said…
I got it on my list to fix, I'll let you know how I make out ;)
Baris Bikmaz said…
Would be great to hear about the fix. I want to use the colored calendar to display events within our company. With color the calender has a added value.
David Lozzi said…
I made some progress on it, however the way the calendar is generated, my script runs on page load, then the events load, and thus my script doesn't handle the events. Rather aggravating.

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